The Regional Video Service for Universities is a project that aims to enable and support digital video-based e-learning for public higher education institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia and is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the “Digitale Hochschule NRW” program. The video service cooperates with and supports the production and exchange of OER video content for participating institutions.

By sharing project resources with the participating institutions and the use of open source software, offers an effective, barrier-free, and privacy-oriented solution for digital video-based education.

Video-on-Demand and Livestreaming offers your university different ways to deliver learning videos to students – from regular streaming of pre-produced videos to livestreams from your university's lecture rooms.

Video-on-Demand and Livestreaming

Seamless LMS Integration

You don't need an additional online platform for uploading or watching learning videos with With the plug-ins for the Moodle and ILIAS LMSs, you can integrate your videos in your online courses easily. Just use our services right out of your university's online learning system that is familiar to you and your students.

Seamless LMS Integration

Simple Yet Flexible Video Recordings supports your learning video recording and production workflow. As we support all the most common video formats, we make sure that you can create and distribute your learning videos the way you are used to. And if you need a simple way to create learning videos for your students, you can use our Studio that runs in your browser.

Simple Yet Flexible Video Recordings

Lecture Room Recordings

Hybrid learning settings that use learning videos and lecture recordings are more important than ever. With you can use automatic lecture recordings by connecting to the cameras and capture agents in your university's lecture rooms.

Lecture Room Recordings

Focused on Privacy is a privacy-focused video service. The administration is completely run by state universities in North Rhine-Westphalia that also host the servers. We also use and support open-source software projects that respect the privacy of your data.

Focused on Privacy